How to Sync your game saves between multiple computers

This is simple batch file script, which starts a program, then waits for the program to close, after which is launches another program.

My need for this script arose when I wanted to play Assassin’s Creed 3, while wanting to continue playing it between two computers. I mostly play at home, but at work I have free time during evening so I do play some games on my work pc too.. So I needed to sync my game save data between the two computers, so that I can continue from wherever I left the game story level. The script mentioned in this post starts my game, then waits for me to finish playing and upon exit it launches the sync tool that syncs my game save folder with a dropbox folder, which is further syncing with my pc at either location.

Tools Required to Sync ACIII save files:

1. Assassin’s Creed 3 save game locations
2. Synkron Portable [ ::: link ::: ]
3. The batch file script
4. Dropbox

Extract and run Synkron and set the folder locations of game saves in it. Also, check “sync all at launch” under options menu. You’ll need the dropbox folder, and the ac3 save folder.

open notepad and copy this code in it, then save it as AC3_save_sync.bat …Save this batch file in the game’s installation directory so that it can run the game without the need of administrative privileges… Take note of the correct program locations on your pc, and change the code/script accordingly.

@echo off
Start /w “” “D:\Download\Portable Programs\Utilities & System Tools\SynkronPortable\SynkronPortable.exe” 
Start /w “” “AssassinsCreed3.exe” 
Start /w notepad.exe 
Start “” “D:\Download\Portable Programs\Utilities & System Tools\SynkronPortable\SynkronPortable.exe” 
echo Files Synchronized… 


The /w character allows the batch file to wait for the game to exit and then only it will launch the sync tool. The notepad is opened because somehow game file’s launcher exits instantly upon execution and so synkron and game start simultaneously, which should not happen. So I put “start /w notepad.exe” so that when you exit the game, you should close notepad to let the batch file execute the next in line which is synkron.

As I said, you should save this batch file in the game’s installation directory and send to desktop as shortcut. I suggest to change this shortcut’s icon, and rename it as “Assassin’s Creed 3?. The only run the game from this shortcut, and you’ll always have your game saves being synced!