How to align Multiple GIF Animations side by side

On this page, I’ll provide info and links about how to align / join / stitch / attach 2 or more gif animations side by side.



Tools Required:

GIMP : [ ::: link ::: ]
Ofnuts’ “Interleave layers” Python script: [ ::: info ::: ] ||| [ ::: script link ::: ]
UnFreeze Portable Utility (for joining extracted gif’s): [ ::: link ::: ]
Irfanview Portable (for extracting gif) : [ ::: link ::: ]


I’m about to copy paste the text from the [ ::: source ::: ] of this tutorial. But before that I need to explain about what to do if there are different amount of frames (ie, layers in GIMP) of your gif files… For example,

owl1.gif = 38 frames
owl2.gif = 45 frames
owl3.gif = 68 frames

In this case, extract all the frames into separate folders for each gif file via Irfanview. Open the image in Irfanview: “OPTIONS > Extract all Frames…”.. You should do this for each gif image. You can also use any program for this extraction, but I’ve used irfanview.

After extraction, open the folder to which the extracted frames of gif files are saved.

Frame Folder 1 : 38 extracted frames .gif’s
Frame Folder 2 : 45 extracted frames .gif’s
Frame Folder 3 : 68 extracted frames .gif’s

Notice frame folder 3 has maximum frames, and so we need to somehow add more frames to the frame folders 1 and 2. We do this by selecting initial amount of frames and copy-pasting them into the same folder of respective extracted frames. So all folders will now have 68 frames and all in sequence.

Now open Unfreeze.exe (link provided above), and drag these frames into this utility. Set delay to 0 and “loop animation”. Save this newly created gif into any folder from whereyou’ll be able to access it via Gimp.

Now I copy paste the source tutorial … ( ::: from here ::: ]

- load both images individually
- on both: convert to RGB mode (image/Mode RGB)
- on both: “Image/Canvas size” to the total size required
- on both in the Canvas size dialog: Layers->Resize all layers
- on the image that should be on the right: in the Canvas size: drag it to the right in the preview
- use my interleave-layers script to merge the layers
- or to do it manually, save one of the images as XCF, and in the other one: “File/Open as layers”, and then reorder/merge layers.

Export as GIF


(In GIMP > Image > Interleave Script > ) You should select “Interleave Stack of Layers” …

That’s the end of this tutorial. Credits to Ofnuts for posting the tutorial… which I found via google.